The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.24.23
Ep 1892 | 8.24.23

Trends in the cybercriminal underworld. The prosecution of Lapsus$ and Tornado Cash. More developments in Russia’s hybrid war.

Show Notes

There’s a new sophistication in BEC campaigns. Trends in brand impersonation–crooks still like to pretend they’re from Redmond. The future of Russian influence operations in the post-Prigozhin era. Andrea Little Limbago from Interos shares insights on the new cyber workforce strategy. In our latest Threat Vector segment David Moulton of Palo Alto Networks is joined by Stephanie Ragan, Senior Consultant at Unit 42 to discuss Muddled Libra. And more on the doxing of a deputy Duma chair, who seems to have been selling hot iPhones as a side hustle (maybe). And the growing problem of Synthetic identity fraud.

On this segment of Threat Vector, Stephanie Ragan, Senior Consultant at Unit 42, joins host David Moulton to discuss Muddled Libra.

Threat Vector links.

Threat Group Assessment: Muddled Libra

Selected reading.

BEC Trends: Payroll Diversion Dominates and Sneaky Multi-Persona Attacks Emerge (Trustwave)

Q2 2023 Threat Landscape Report: All Roads Lead to Supply Chain Infiltrations (Kroll)

Microsoft Impersonated Most in Phishing Attacks Among Nearly 350 Brands (Abnormal Security)

TransUnion Analysis Finds Synthetic Identity Fraud Growing to Record Levels (TransUnion)

Ukraine at D+546: Yevgeny Prigozhin dies in a plane crash. (CyberWire)

Without Prigozhin, expect some changes around the edges on Russian influence operations (Washington Post)

2023 H1 Global Threat Analysis Report (Radware)

Lapsus$: Court finds teenagers carried out hacking spree (BBC News)

British court convicts two teen Lapsus$ members of hacking tech firms (Record) 

Treasury Designates Roman Semenov, Co-Founder of Sanctioned Virtual Currency Mixer Tornado Cash (U.S. Department of the Treasury) 

Tornado Cash Founders Charged With Money Laundering And Sanctions Violations (U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York) 

Russian Duma leader’s emails hacked and leaked (Cybernews)

Ukrainian hackers expose money laundering and sanction evasion by senior Russian politician (teiss)