The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.25.23
Ep 1893 | 8.25.23

Phishing kits in the C2C market. Cyberespionage, Pyongyang and Beijing editions. Ransomware under the radar. A new hacktivist group says it doesn’t much care for NATO corruption.

Show Notes

Telekopye and the rise of commodified phishing kits. Lazarus Group fields new malware. Implications of China's campaign against vulnerable Barracuda appliances. Abhubllka ransomware's targeting and low extortion demands. Malek Ben Salem of Accenture outlines generative AI Implications to spam detection. Jeff Welgan, Chief Learning Officer at N2K Networks, unpacks the NICE framework and strategic workforce intelligence. And a new hacktivist group emerges, and takes a particular interest in NATO members.

Selected reading.

eBay Users Beware Russian 'Telekopye' Telegram Phishing Bot (Dark Reading)

Telekopye: Hunting Mammoths using Telegram bot (ESET)

Lazarus Group's infrastructure reuse leads to discovery of new malware (Cisco Talos Blog) 

FBI fingers China for attacks on Barracuda email appliances (Register)

Suspected PRC Cyber ActorsContinue to Globally Exploit Barracuda ESG Zero-Day Vulnerability (CVE-2023-2868) (FBI)

Identifying ADHUBLLKA Ransomware: LOLKEK, BIT, OBZ, U2K, TZW Variants (Netenrich)

Ransomware ecosystem targeting individuals, small firms remains robust (Record) 

Ransomware With an Identity Crisis Targets Small Businesses, Individuals (Dark Reading) 

Hacking group KittenSec claims to 'pwn anything we see' to expose corruption (CyberScoop)