The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.29.23
Ep 1895 | 8.29.23

Name collision. Spawn of LockBit. Quishing the unwary and the hasty. Trends in healthcare cybersecurity. Inquiries surrounding Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine.

Show Notes

Name collision as a DNS risk. A LockBit derivative is active against targets in Spain. QR codes as phishbait. Cybersecurity trends in Healthcare. A Russian hacktivist auxiliary hits Polish organizations, while investigation of railroad incidents in Poland continues. Ben Yelin looks at the SEC cracking down on NFTs. Mr. Security Answer Person John Pescatore opens up the listener mail bag. And a look at a probably accidental glitch affecting air travel in the UK.

Selected reading.

What's in a name? Strange behaviors at top-level domains creates uncertainty in DNS (Cisco Talos) 

Spain warns of LockBit Locker ransomware phishing attacks (BleepingComputer) 

Think Before You Scan: The Rise of QR Codes in Phishing (Trustwave SpiderLabs)

78% of Healthcare Organizations Experienced Cyber Incidents in Past Year, 60% of Which Impacted Patient Care (Claroty) 

Polish stock exchange, banks knocked offline by pro-Russian hackers (Cybernews) 

Two Men Arrested Following Poland Railway Hacking (SecurityWeek) 

Century-old technology hack brought 20 trains to a halt in Poland (Cybernews) 

Poland investigates train mishaps for possible Russian connection (Washington Post) 

Flight chaos ‘to last for days’ after air traffic control failure (The Telegraph) 

UK flight chaos could last for days, airline passengers warned (the Guardian) 

Government can’t rule out cyber attack caused air traffic chaos (MSN)