The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.12.23
Ep 1904 | 9.12.23

Phishing with Facebook Messenger bots. Redfly hits a national power grid. Nice platform you got there…shame if something happened to it. MGM Resorts grapples with a “cybersecurity issue.”

Show Notes

Phishing with Facebook Messenger accounts. Redfly cyberespionage targets a national grid. The exploit trade in the C2C underground market. Phishing attack exploits Baidu link. A repojacking vulnerability. A hacktivist auxiliary looks to its own interests. Ben Yelin marks the start of the Google antitrust trial. In our Industry Voices segment, Adam Bateman from Push Security explains how identities are the new perimeter. And MGM Resorts are dealing with a “cybersecurity issue.”

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Selected reading.

Sponsor with batch-filed whiskers: Ballistic Bobcat’s scan and strike backdoor (ESET) 

Charming Kitten's New Backdoor 'Sponsor' Targets Brazil, Israel, and U.A.E. (The Hacker News) 

Iran's Charming Kitten Pounces on Israeli Exchange Servers (Dark Reading) 

Iranian hackers break into networks of more than 30 companies in Israel (ynetnews) 

“MrTonyScam” — Botnet of Facebook Users Launch High-Intent Messenger Phishing Attack on Business Accounts (Guardio Labs, via Medium)

Facebook Messenger phishing wave targets 100K business accounts per week (BleepingComputer) 

Vietnamese Hackers Deploy Python-Based Stealer via Facebook Messenger (The Hacker News) 

Redfly: Espionage Actors Continue to Target Critical Infrastructure (Symantec)

Sales and Purchases of Vulnerability Exploits (Flashpoint)

Phishing Attack Abuses Baidu Link Redirect, Cloudflare, and Microsoft (Vade)

New Exploit Puts Thousands of GitHub Repositories and Millions of Users at Risk (

After Microsoft and X, Hackers Launch DDoS Attack on Telegram (SecurityWeek)

MGM Resorts shuts down some computer systems after cyber attack (Reuters) 

Cybersecurity issue prompts computer shutdowns at MGM Resorts properties across US (AP News) 

MGM Resorts shuts down IT systems after cyberattack (BleepingComputer)

MGM Resorts experiences 'cybersecurity issue' impacting operations and prompting investigation (Fox Business) 

MGM resorts says 'cybersecurity issue' may have widespread impact (NBC News) 

MGM Resorts blames 'cybersecurity issue' for ongoing outage (TechCrunch) 

FBI assisting in MGM cybersecurity investigation as slot machines, website, and emails rem (KSNV) 

MGM Resorts Says It Shut Down Some Systems Following Hack (Bloomberg)