The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.15.23
Ep 1907 | 9.15.23

Peach Sandstorm cyberespionage. Criminal attacks against a Colombian telco and two major US casino firms. A thief in the browser. And the Greater Manchester Police are on a virtual manhunt.

Show Notes

"Peach Sandstorm" is an Iranian cyberespionage campaign. A Cyberattack against a telecom provider affects government and corporate online operations in Colombia. Python NodeStealer takes browser credentials. Caesars Entertainment files its 8-K. Some MGM Entertainment systems remain down. Betsy Carmelite from Booz Allen talking about how to leverage cyber psychology. Ron Reiter of Sentra outlines the threats for connected cars. And a third-party incident exposes personal data of the Manchester police.

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Selected reading.

Peach Sandstorm password spray campaigns enable intelligence collection at high-value targets (Microsoft)

Hackers Backed by Iran Caught in Apparent Global Spy Campaign (The Messenger)

BNamericas - Colombia cyberattack hits government, corpor... (

Colombia's judicial branch thrown offline in major cyber attack (Colombia Reports) 

Casino giant Caesars Entertainment reports cyberattack; MGM Resorts says some systems still down (AP News)

Casino Operators Caesars and MGM Still Reeling From Cyber Attacks ( 

Groups linked to Las Vegas cyber attacks are prolific criminal hacking gangs (CyberScoop) 

MGM still responding to wide-ranging cyberattack as rumors run rampant (Record)

Ransomware in the casinos. (CyberWire)

MGM Resorts shuts down some systems. (CyberWire)

Manchester police officers’ data stolen following ransomware attack on supplier (Record)

Contractor Data Breach Impacts 8k Greater Manchester Police Officers (Hackread) 

A Second Major British Police Force Suffers a Cyberattack in Less Than a Month (SecurityWeek) 

Who is behind the latest wave of UK ransomware attacks? (the Guardian)