The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.18.23
Ep 1908 | 9.18.23

A quick look at some threats from China and North Korea, some engaged in collection, some in theft. BlackCat and other ransomware operators. And a view of cyberwar from Ukraine’s SSU.

Show Notes

Cyber threats trending from East Asia. The Lazarus Group is suspected in the CoinEx crypto theft. Pig butchering, enabled by cryptocurrency. BlackCat is active against Azure storage. a Ukrainian view of cyber warfare. A US-Canadian water commission deals with a ransomware attack. Eric Goldstein from CISA shares insights on cyber threats from China. Neil Serebryany of Calypso explains the policies, tools and safeguards in place to enable the safe use of generative AI. And more details emerge in the Las Vegas casinos’ ransomware incidents. Danny Ocean, call your office.

Selected reading.

Sophistication, scope, and scale: Digital threats from East Asia increase in breadth and effectiveness (Microsoft Security Compliance and Identity)

Evidence points to North Korea in CoinEx cryptocurrency hack, analysts say (Record) 

CoinEx invites hackers to negotiate after suffering data breach (The Times of India

BlackCat ransomware hits Azure Storage with Sphynx encryptor (BleepingComputer)

MGM websites up, but reservation systems still affected by hack (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

The chaotic and cinematic MGM casino hack, explained (Vox)

Massive MGM and Caesars Hacks Epitomize a Vicious Ransomware Cycle (WIRED)

US-Canada water commission confirms 'cybersecurity incident' (Register) 

Ukraine's Fusion of Cyber and Kinetic Warfare: Illia Vitiuk's Stand Against Russian Cyber Operations (AFCEA International)