The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.20.23
Ep 1910 | 9.20.23

Hacking the ICC. ShroudedSnooper active, simple, and novel. New criminal malware used against Chinese-speakers. More on the materiality of cyberattacks.

Show Notes

The International Criminal Court reports a "cybersecurity incident." ShroudedSnooper intrusion activity is both novel and simple. Criminal malware targets Chinese-speaking victims. The costs of insider risk. More on the casino attacks (and related social engineering capers). In our Learning Layer segment, Sam Meisenberg drops into a CISSP tutoring session and offers some test-taking tips. Our guest is Aaron Brazelton, Dean of Admissions and Advancement at the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering. And the Clorox incident shows how one company navigates unfamiliar new SEC rules.

Join Sam Meisenberg as he drops into a CISSP tutoring session talking about the difference between due diligence and due care along with some test-taking tips.

Learning Layer.

Learning about the CISSP certification from (ISC)²

Selected reading.

War crimes tribunal ICC says it has been hacked (Reuters)

International Criminal Court says cybersecurity incident affected its information systems last week (AP News) 

Hackers breached International Criminal Court’s systems last week (BleepingComputer)

New ShroudedSnooper actor targets telecommunications firms in the Middle East with novel Implants (Cisco Talos)

ShroudedSnooper's HTTPSnoop Backdoor Targets Middle East Telecom Companies (The Hacker News)

Chinese Malware Appears in Earnest Across Cybercrime Threat Landscape (Proofpoint) 

Hackers who breached casino giants MGM, Caesars also hit 3 other firms, Okta says (Reuters)

Las Vegas casino ransomware attacks: Okta in the spotlight (The Stack) 

MGM losing up to $8.4M per day as cyberattack paralyzes slot machines, hotels for 8th straight day: analyst (New York Post) 

Caesars reports cyberattack but did not go offline (Top Class Actions) 

What Las Vegas tourists need to know about casino hacks (Washington Post) 

MGM, Caesars Face Regulatory, Legal Maze After Cyber Incidents (Dark Reading)

Clorox Cyberattack Brings Early Test of New SEC Cyber Rules (Wall Street Journal)