The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.12.23
Ep 1925 | 10.12.23

Hacktivism, auxiliaries, and the cyber phases of two hybrid wars. Challenges of content moderation. Cyberespionage in the supply chain. Don’t buy all the hype, but do fix your Linux libraries.

Show Notes

Hacktivists join both sides of Hamas's renewed war. Disinformation and content control in social media. Storm-0062 exploits an Atlassian 0-day. Curl and Libcurl vulnerabilities. Betsy Carmelite from Booz Allen on how to expand and diversify the Cyber Talent Pool. Our guest is Kuldip Mohanty, CIO of North Dakota. And some further reflections on hacktivism and the laws of war.

Selected reading.

False Alarm of Hezbollah Aircraft Infiltration Underlines Israeli Concern of Multi-Front War (FDD)

Israel-Hamas conflict extends to cyberspace (CSO Online)

Hamas-Israel Cyber War Escalates: What We Know So Far (Technopedia) 

Israeli Cyber Companies Rally as Digital, Physical Assaults Continue (Wall Street Journal) 

X promises 'highest level' response on posts about Israel-Hamas war. Misinformation still flourishes (AP News) 

Europe gives Mark Zuckerberg 24 hours to respond about Israel-Hamas conflict and election misinformation (CNBC)

Elon Musk Is Shitposting His Way Through the Israel-Hamas War (WIRED)

Facebook video of Biden prompts probe into Meta content policy (Financial Times) 


Storm0062 exploits Atlassian 0-day. (CyberWire)

Curl and Libcurl vulnerabilities. (CyberWire)

Ukraine at D+595: Sabotage in the Baltic Sea. (CyberWire)

A Hacktivist Code of Conduct May Be Too Little Too Late (OODA Loop)