The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.13.23
Ep 1926 | 10.13.23

Hacktivism in the war between Hamas and Israel, with a possibility of escalation. Healthcare cybersecurity. Looting FTX. CISA releases resources to counter ransomware.

Show Notes

Hacktivism and nation-state involvement in the cyber phases of war in the Middle East, and the use of Telegram. Russian groups squabble online. Healthcare cybersecurity and its implications for patient care. The Looting of FTX on the day of its bankruptcy. Joe Carrigan shares research from the Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute. Our guest is Mike Walters from Action1, marking the 20th anniversary of Patch Tuesday. And CISA releases two new resources against ransomware.

Selected reading.

Israeli Cyber Companies Rally as Digital, Physical Assaults Continue (Wall Street Journal)

Israel Sees Cyber Incursions Across Digital Systems (Wall Street Journal) 

Hackers infiltrated Israeli smart billboards to post pro-Hamas messages, reports say (Business Insider) 


The First 72 Hours of the Israel-Hamas War: Hamas and PIJ Activity on Telegram (Flashpoint) 

Cyber Aggression Rises Following the October 2023 Israel-Hamas Conflict (Radware) 

EU opens probe into X over Israel-Hamas war misinformation (Financial Times) 

EU opens formal investigation into illegal content on X (Computing) 

X removes hundreds of Hamas-affiliated accounts since attack, CEO says (Reuters) 

US cyber agencies in 'very close contact' with Israel after unprecedented Hamas attacks ( 

Five threats security pros everywhere need to focus on as the Middle East war escalates (SC Media) 

Cyber Insecurity in Healthcare: The Cost and Impact on Patient Safety and Care 2023 (Proofpoint) 

New Clues Suggest Stolen FTX Funds Went to Russia-Linked Money Launderers (WIRED) 

CISA Releases New Resources Identifying Known Exploited Vulnerabilities and Misconfigurations Linked to Ransomware | CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency CISA)