The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.16.23
Ep 1927 | 10.16.23

Cyber phases in two hybrid wars. A ransomware gang claims an attack against a major firm. Social engineering implicated in Shadow PC breach. Privateering, coin mining, and other worries.

Show Notes

Hacktivism and disinformation in the war between Hamas and Israel. LockBit claims an attack on CDW. Shadow PC's breach. Void Rabisu deploys a lightweight RomCom backdoor against the Brussels conference. Rick Howard describes Radical Asymmetric Distribution. Our guest is Jason Birmingham from Broadridge Financial Solutions with a look at asset management. And coin mining as a potential front for espionage or a staging area for sabotage.

Selected reading.

How hackers piled onto the Israeli-Hamas conflict (POLITICO) 

Israel-Gaza War Now Includes Accompanying Cyber Warfare (Channel Futures) 

How Cyberattacks Could Affect the Israel-Hamas War (Bank Info Security) 

Medical aid for Palestinians website under cyber attack affecting relief efforts (mint) 

Rumors of a ‘Global Day of Jihad’ Have Unleashed a Dangerous Wave of Disinformation (WIRED) 

Hamas in rare English ‘press conference’ as it tries to counter global condemnation (The Telegraph) 

In Israel-Hamas conflict, social media become tools of propaganda and disinformation (DFRLab)  

A flood of misinformation is shaping how panicked citizens, global public view the war (Washington Post) 

How Israel-Hamas War Misinformation Is Spreading Online (TIME)

Misinformation Is Warfare (TIME) 

Meta responds to EU misinformation concerns regarding Israel-Hamas conflict (Engadget) 

Briefing: Meta Details Efforts to Remove War-Related Disinformation (The Information)

Cloud gaming firm Shadow says hackers stole customers' personal data (TechCrunch) 

PC streaming service Shadow discloses security breach (The Verge) 

Shadow silent on data breach as hacked data appears genuine (TechCrunch) 

530K people's info stolen from cloud PC gaming's Shadow (Register) 

CDW investigating ransomware gang claims of data theft (Record) 

Lockbit ransomware gang demanded an 80 million ransom to CDW (Security Affairs) 

Void Rabisu Targets Female Political Leaders with New Slimmed-Down ROMCOM Variant (Trend Micro)

Women Political Leaders Summit targeted in RomCom malware phishing (BleepingComputer) 

Across U.S., Chinese Bitcoin Mines Draw National Security Scrutiny (New York Times)