The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.18.23
Ep 1929 | 10.18.23

Hacktivist discipline is inversely correlated with sincerity of commitment.

Show Notes

Hamas and Israel exchange accusations in a hospital strike. Using Gazan cell data to develop intelligence, and using hostages' devices to spread fear. Black Basta ransomware is out and about, again. Qubitstrike is a newly discovered cryptojacking campaign. Preparing for post-quantum security. Tim Starks from the Washington Post looks at one US Senator’s ability to gum up cyber legislation. In the Learning Layer, N2K's Sam Meisenberg explores the challenges and best practices of rolling out a large-scale corporate re-skilling program. And attention people of Pompei: that volcano alert is bogus. Probably.

Learning Layer.

On this segment of Learning Layer, N2K's Sam Meisenberg is joined by Phil, an N2K client who leads Talent Development at a large telecommunication company. They discuss the challenges and best practices of rolling out a large-scale corporate re-skilling program, including increasing learner engagement, accountability, and the importance of internal talent development and recognition.

Selected reading.

Blast kills hundreds at Gaza hospital; Hamas and Israel trade blame, as Biden heads to Mideast (AP News)

In deadly day for Gaza, hospital strike kills hundreds (Reuters) 

Hacktivist attacks against Israeli websites mirror attacks following Russian invasion of Ukraine ( 

Growing Concern Over Role of Hacktivism in Israel-Hamas Conflict (Infosecurity Magazine) 

Israel-Hamas war illuminates trouble with political hacking groups (Axios) 


Tracking Cellphone Data by Neighborhood, Israel Gauges Gaza Evacuation (New York Times) 

Hamas Hijacked Victims’ Social Media Accounts to Spread Terror (New York Times)

TV advertising sales giant affected by ransomware attack (Record)

Chilean government warns of Black Basta ransomware attacks after customs incident (Record)

Qubitstrike - An Emerging Malware Campaign Targeting Jupyter Notebooks (Cado Security)

DigiCert Global Study: Preparing for a Safe Post-Quantum Computing Future (DigiCert) 

SpyNote Android malware spreads via fake volcano eruption alerts (BleepingComputer)