The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.20.23
Ep 1931 | 10.20.23

Disinformation and its often overlooked potential for denial-of-services.

Show Notes

Hacktivism and influence operations in the Hamas-Israel war. An OilRig cyberespionage campaign prospects a Middle Eastern government. Emailed bomb threats in the Baltic. Darkweb advertising yields insight into ExelaStealer malware. Casio discloses breach of customer data. The FCC proposes a return to net neutrality, while Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposes data-handling rules under Dodd-Frank. Deepen Desai from ZScaler shares insights on MOVEit transfer vulnerabilities. Our own Simone Petrella speaks with Google’s Tatyana Bolton about the challenges of bridging the cyber talent gap. And RagnarLocker has been taken down by international law enforcement. 

Selected reading.

Intel, defense officials tell senators that Israel did not strike hospital  (The Hill)

Early U.S. and Israeli Intelligence Says Palestinian Group Caused Hospital Blast.

Cyberattacks linked to Israel-Hamas war are soaring (Fast Company) 

NSO, Israeli cyber firms help track missing Israelis and hostages (Haaretz) 

Lithuanian interior minister says emailed bomb threats are coordinated regional cyber-attack (Baltic Times)

Another InfoStealer Enters the Field, ExelaStealer (Fortinet Blog)

Q3 Report: Email Threat Trends Latest edition: PDF Popularity, Callback Phishing and Redline Malware (VIPRE)

Casio Issues Apology and Notice Concerning Personal Information Leak Due to Unauthorized Access to Server | CASIO (CASIO Official Website) 

Human Error: Casio ClassPad Data Breach Impacting 148 Countries (Hackread) 

Casio data breach 2023 caused worldwide panic (Dataconomy)

Casio discloses data breach impacting customers in 149 countries (BleepingComputer) 

FCC Revives ‘Net Neutrality,’ Proposes New Regulations for Internet Service (Wall Street Journal) 

FCC begins second quest for net neutrality (TechCrunch)

CFPB Proposes Rule to Jumpstart Competition and Accelerate Shift to Open Banking (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)

RagnarLocker ransomware dark web site seized in international sting (TechCrunch) 

Ragnar Locker ransomware site taken down by FBI, Europol (Record) 

One of the most destructive ransomware gangs is being taken down by law enforcement (Axios)