The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.23.23
Ep 1932 | 10.23.23

How people get over on the content moderators.

Show Notes

Okta discloses a data exposure incident. Cisco works to fix a zero-day. DPRK threat actors pose as IT workers. The Five Eyes warn of AI-enabled Chinese espionage. Job posting as phishbait. The risk of first-party fraud. Hacktivists trouble humanitarian organizations with nuisance attacks. Content moderation during wartime. Malek Ben Salem of Accenture describes code models. Our guest is Joe Oregon from CISA, discussing the tabletop exercise that CISA, the NFL, and local partners conducted in preparation for the next Super BowI.  And the International Criminal Court confirms that it’s sustained a cyberespionage incident.

Selected reading.

Okta says hackers used stolen credentials to view customer files (Record)

Cisco discloses new IOS XE zero-day exploited to deploy malware implant (BleepingComputer)

Additional Guidance on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Information Technology Workers (IC3)

A stern glance from all Five Eyes. (CyberWire) 

DarkGate malware campaign (WithSecure) 

The Fraud Next Door: First-Party Fraud Runs Rampant in America (PR Newswire)

Cyberattacks Intensify on Israeli and Palestinian Human Rights Groups (Wall Street Journal) 

Israel's burial society website comes under cyberattack (Jerusalem Post) 

Sheba Medical Center Hit by Cyber Attack (Jewish Press) 

Health Ministry disconnects the remote connection of several hospitals following cyber attack (Jerusalem Post)

EU asks Meta, TikTok to account for their response to Israel-Hamas disinformation (Record) 

Pro-Palestinian creators use secret spellings, code words to evade social media algorithms (Washington Post) 

Web Summit CEO resigns after comments on Israel-Hamas conflict (Reuters) 

YouTube is Autogenerating Videos for Songs Advocating the Expulsion of Muslims from India (bellingcat) 

Palestinians Claim Social Media 'Censorship' Is Endangering Lives (WIRED) 

International Criminal Court says cyberattack was attempted espionage (TechCrunch) 

War crimes tribunal says September cyberattack was act of espionage (Record) 

International Criminal Court investigating “unprecedented” cyberattack (Cybernews)