The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.1.23
Ep 1939 | 11.1.23

Hacktivism in two hybrid wars (with an excursus on gastropods).

Show Notes

The Hamas-Israel war continues to be marked by hacktivism. Arid Viper's exploitation of Arabic speaker's Android devices. Iran shows improved cyberespionage capabilities. A URL shortener in the C2C market. Taking down the Mozi botnet. Ransomware in healthcare. Two are Russians arrested on treason charges, accused of hacking for Ukraine. In our sponsored Industry Voices segment, Anna Belak from Sysdig shares a new threat framework for the cloud. Rick Howard previews his new online course on cyber security first principles. And no, Russia hasn’t really replaced its currency with Arctic Ocean gastropods.

Selected reading.

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Arid Viper disguising mobile spyware as updates for non-malicious Android applications (Cisco Talos Blog)

In Cyberattacks, Iran Shows Signs of Improved Hacking Capabilities (New York Times)

FBI ‘keeping a close eye’ on Iranian hackers as Israel-Hamas war intensifies (Record)

Why Iran Is Gambling on Hamas (Foreign Affairs)

To Aid and Abet: Prolific Puma Helps Cybercriminals Evade Detection (Infoblox Blog)

Who killed Mozi? Finally putting the IoT zombie botnet in its grave (ESET)

The State of Ransomware in Healthcare 2023 (Sophos)

Russian security service detains two hackers allegedly working for Ukraine (Record) 

Pro-Ukraine group says it breached Russian card payment system (Record)