The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.13.23
Ep 1946 | 11.13.23

Ransomware and DDoS hit diverse sectors. The DDoS is a nuisance, the ransomware more serious.

Show Notes

Australian ports are recovering from a cyberattack. SysAid is hit by Cl0p user Lace Tempest. Ransomware targets China's largest bank. LockBit doxes Boeing as Boeing hangs tough on paying ransom. Docker Engine for DDoS. Rick Howard looks at the SEC’s targeting of SolarWinds’ CISO. And Anonymous Sudan claims attacks on ChatGPT and Cloudflare.

Selected reading.

Freight giant DP World recovers from cyber attack, but warns investigation and remediation is 'ongoing' (ABC)

DP World port operations in Australia recovering after cyber-attack (The Loadstar) 

Ransomware attack against China's largest bank. (CyberWire)

China's biggest lender ICBC hit by ransomware attack (Reuters)

Ransomware attack on ICBC disrupts trades in US Treasury market (Financial Times) 

Hackers Hit Wall Street Arm of Chinese Banking Giant ICBC (Wall Street Journal)

LockBit finally publishes its proof-of-hack as Boeing hangs tough. (CyberWire)

SysAid On-Prem Software CVE-2023-47246 Vulnerability (SysAid) 

Critical Vulnerability: SysAid CVE-2023-47246 (Huntress)

SysAid Zero-Day Vulnerability Exploited By Lace Tempest (Rapid7)

SysAid vulnerability exploited. (CyberWire)

OracleIV - A Dockerised DDoS Botnet (Cado Security)

Anonymous Sudan and OpenAI. (CyberWire)

Russia-Linked Hackers Claim Credit for OpenAI Outage This Week (Bloomberg) 

Major ChatGPT Outage Caused by DDoS Attack (SecurityWeek) 

Anonymous Sudan and Skynet claim Cloudflare DDoS takedown (Cyber Daily)

Cloudflare website downed by DDoS attack claimed by Anonymous Sudan (BleepingComputer)