The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.16.23
Ep 1949 | 11.16.23

Shopping during wartime? Focus, people.

Show Notes

Cyber safety for the holidays. Using regulatory risk to pressure a ransomware victim. A call for regulatory action against a supply chain threat. Rhysida malware: a warning and a description. Extending local breaches in Google Workspace. Protestware in open-source products. GRU's Sandworm implicated in campaign against Danish electrical power providers. Jason Meller, Founder & CEO of Kolide joins us as part of our sponsored Industry Voices segment to discuss the findings from The Shadow IT Report. In this Threat Vector segment, David Moulton sits down with Sama Manchanda, a consultant at Unit 42 to discuss the fascinating world of social engineering attacks. And donation scams: exploiting sympathy.

In this Threat Vector segment, David Moulton engages in an enlightening conversation with Sama Manchanda, a consultant at Unit 42. The duo embarks on an exploration of the fascinating world of social engineering attacks, delving into the distinct characteristics of phishing, smishing, and vishing.

Threat Vector

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Selected reading.

New Visa Report Tells Consumers to Stay Alert this Holiday Shopping Season (Business Wire)

Ransomware gang files SEC complaint over victim’s undisclosed breach (BleepingComputer)

11-14-2023 EFF Letter to FTC re: Malware on Android TV Set-Top Boxes (EFF)

#StopRansomware: Rhysida Ransomware (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency | CISA)

Investigating the New Rhysida Ransomware (Fortinet Blog)

Analyzing Rhysida Ransomware Intrusion (Fortinet Blog)

The Chain Reaction: New Methods for Extending Local Breaches in Google Workspace (Bitdefender)

Protestware taps npm to call out wars in Ukraine, Gaza (ReversingLabs)

Russia's Sandworm Linked to Unprecedented Danish Energy Hack (Bloomberg).

Russian Hackers Linked to 'Largest Ever Cyber Attack' on Danish Critical Infrastructure (The Hacker News)

Denmark hit with largest cyberattack on record (Cybernews)

Attackers Exploit Crisis for Fraudulent Crypto Donations (Abnormal)