The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.21.23
Ep 1952 | 11.21.23

Threat actors with mixed motives: from the political to the financial.

Show Notes

OpenAI's continuing turmoil. Crypto firm sustains API attack. Konni campaign phishes with a Russian document as bait. LockBit's third-party compromise of Canadian government personnel data. Ukraine removes senior security officials under suspicion of graft. Dave Bittner sits down with Steve Winterfeld from Akamai to discuss emerging threats in the financial services sector. And Idaho National Laboratory sustains data breach.

Selected reading.

Company that created ChatGPT is thrown into turmoil after Microsoft hires its ousted CEO (AP News)

The Doomed Mission Behind Sam Altman’s Shock Ouster From OpenAI (Bloomberg)

Briefing: OpenAI Execs to Continue Discussions With Altman, Board: Memo (The Information)

OpenAI in ‘Intense Discussions’ to Quell Potential Staff Mutiny (Bloomberg)

Microsoft Wants to Work With Altman, No Matter What, Says CEO (Bloomberg)

Briefing: Microsoft CEO Nadella Says Altman Could End Up at Microsoft or OpenAI; Board Governance Should Change (The Information)

Sam Altman's AI 'mission continues' at Microsoft, future of OpenAI and ChatGPT uncertain (ZDNET)

OpenAI’s Customers Consider Defecting to Anthropic, Microsoft, Google (The Information)

OpenAI’s Board Approached Anthropic About Merger (The Information)

The Vast Majority of OpenAI Employees Ask the Board to Resign (The Information)

Konni Campaign Distributed Via Malicious Document (Fortinet Blog) 

Ukraine sacks top cyber defence officials amid graft probe (Reuters)

Two top Ukrainian cyber officials dismissed amid embezzlement probe (Record)

Ukraine fires top cybersecurity officials (TechCrunch)

Ukraine-Russia war: Ukraine sacks 'corrupt' cyber defence chiefs (The Telegraph)

Kronos Research halts trading amid $25M API key hack investigation (Cointelegraph)

Kronos Research Loses $26 Million in Unauthorized API Access Incident (Bitcoin News)

Canadian government discloses data breach after contractor hacks (BleepingComputer)

Idaho National Laboratory experiences massive data breach; employee information leaked online (East Idaho News)

Detailed data on employees of U.S. national security lab leak online (CyberScoop)