The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.27.23
Ep 1954 | 11.27.23

Hacktivists assemble to attack Pennsylvania water utility.

Show Notes

Iranian hacktivists claim an attack on a Pennsylvania water utility. North Korea's increased attention to supply-chains. Rhysida's action against British and Chinese targets. Sandworm activity puts European power utilities on alert. Neanderthals and the Telekopye bot. Mirai-based botnet activity. Our guest is Chris Betz, the new CISO of AWS Security, with insights on the upcoming AWS re:Invent conference. And just how easy is it to track the comings and goings at Mar-a-Lago?

CyberWire Guest

Our guest today is Chris Betz, the new CISO of AWS Security giving us some insight into what to expect at the AWS re:Invent conference.

You can connect with Chris on LinkedIn and find out more about AWS re:Invent on the event website.

Selected Reading

Municipal Water Authority of Aliquippa hacked by Iranian-backed cyber group (KDKA News)

Iranian-linked cyber army had partial control of Aliquippa water system (Beaver Countian)

Cyber Av3ngers Claim Israeli MEKOROT National Water Company Hack (Cyberwarzone)

A hack in hand is worth two in the bush (Securelist by Kaspersky)

Diamond Sleet supply chain compromise distributes a modified CyberLink installer (Microsoft)

UK and Republic of Korea issue warning about DPRK state-linked cyber actors attacking software supply chains (National Cyber Security Centre)

Rhysida (SentinelOne)

Rhysida, the new ransomware gang behind British Library cyber-attack (The Guardian)


#StopRansomware: Rhysida Ransomware (CISA)

Russia continuing cyberthreats against NATO countries (Defence Industry Europe)

Europe’s grid is under a cyberattack deluge, industry warns (Politico)

Telekopye: Chamber of Neanderthals’ secrets (ESET)

InfectedSlurs Botnet Spreads Mirai via Zero-Days (Akamai)

We Spied on Trump’s ‘Southern White House’ From Our Couches (Rolling Stone)