The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.29.23
Ep 1956 | 11.29.23

Major crackdown on international cybersecurity.

Show Notes

A major ransomware gang is taken down in an international sweep. CISA and the WaterISAC respond to the Aliquippa cyberattack. Attacks against infrastructure operators hit business systems. Qlik Sense installations are hit with Cactus ransomware. Researchers discover a Google Workspace vulnerability. A hacktivist auxiliary compromises a Russian media site.  In an exclusive interview, Eric Goldstein, Executive Assistant Director at CISA, describes their new Secure by Design Alerts program launching today. Tim Starks from the Washington Post shares some insights on the latest legislation dealing with section 702 surveillance. And security teams need not polish up that resumé after a breach.

CyberWire Guest

We have 2 guests today. First, Dave recently spoke with Eric Goldstein, Executive Assistant Director at CISA, about their new Secure by Design Alerts program that launched today. 

And, Tim Starks from the Washington Post’s Cybersecurity 202 stopped by to share some insight into some of the latest trending cybersecurity headlines. 

Selected Reading

Police dismantle ransomware group behind attacks in 71 countries (Bleeping Computer)

Ransomware group dismantled in Ukraine in a major international operation supported by Eurojust and Europol (Eurojust)

Water and Wastewater Cybersecurity (CISA)

(TLP:CLEAR) Water Utility Control System Cyber Incident Advisory: ICS/SCADA Incident at Municipal Water Authority of Aliquippa (Water ISAC)

Iran hits Pennsylvania water utility. (CyberWire)

North Texas water utility serving 2 million hit with cyberattack (The Record) 


Slovenian power company hit by ransomware (Help Net Security)

Qlik Sense Exploited in Cactus Ransomware Campaign (Arctic Wolf)

Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows - New Security Patches Available Now (Qlik)

DeleFriend: Severe design flaw in Domain Wide Delegation could leave Google Workspace vulnerable for takeover (Hunters) 

Researchers Claim Design Flaw in Google Workspace Puts Organizations at Risk (Dark Reading)

Use IAM securely (Google)