The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.7.23
Ep 1962 | 12.7.23

New vulnerability packs a punch.

Show Notes

Unpacking LogoFAIL's threat to Windows and Linux. The US DHS's new healthcare cybersecurity strategy, and dual Russian influence campaigns. A look at supply chain risks, increased bot activity in retail, Meta's end-to-end encryption in Messenger and Android's Autospill vulnerability. On today’s Industry Voices segment, we welcome Todd Thorsen, CISO from CrashPlan, with insights on data resiliency. And the discovery of an alleged software 'kill switch' in Polish trains.

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CyberWire Guest

On today’s Industry Voices segment, we welcome Todd Thorsen, CISO from CrashPlan. Todd discusses data resiliency.

 In an era where ransomware and malicious attacks are relentless, even the most secure organizations are not immune. These attacks can cripple organizations financially, operationally, and damage their reputation and compliance standing. My guest today is Todd Thorsen, CISO from CrashPlan. In this sponsored Industry Voices segment, we delve into crucial strategies for bolstering data resiliency.

Selected Reading

Just about every Windows and Linux device vulnerable to new LogoFAIL firmware attack (Ars Technica) 

CISA, NSA, FBI and International Cybersecurity Authorities Publish Guide on The Case for Memory Safe Roadmaps (CISA) 

The Case for Memory Safe Roadmaps (Joint release)

HEALTHCARE SECTOR CYBERSECURITY (US Department of Health and Human Services)

HHS releases cybersecurity strategy for health care sector (American Hospital Association)

Fake Taylor Swift Quotes Are Being Used to Spread Anti-Ukraine Propaganda (WIRED)

Obfuscation and AI Content in the Russian Influence Network “Doppelgänger” Signals Evolving Tactics (Recorded Future)

Britain summons Russian ambassador over years-long FSB cyberespionage campaign (Reuters)

NCSC exposes Russian cyber attacks on UK political processes (ComputerWeekly)

Russian FSB cyber actor Star Blizzard continues worldwide spear-phishing campaigns (NCSC)

Defending Democracy (NCSC)

The State of Supply Chain Defense: Annual Global Insights Report (BlueVoyant)

2023 Holiday Bad Bot Report (Kasada)

Facebook and Messenger to automatically encrypt messages (BBC)

Your mobile password manager might be exposing your credentials (TechCrunch)

Dieselgate, but for trains – some heavyweight hardware hacking (BadCyber)

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