The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.12.23
Ep 1965 | 12.12.23

An internet blackout.

Show Notes

A cyberattack on Ukraine's largest telecom operator. Ukraine's GUR claims a hit on Russia's tax service, while the fate of the ALPHV/BlackCat group remains shrouded in mystery. The Air Force disciplines members over a classified documents breach, and Apple releases urgent security updates. From Spain, a significant arrest in the Kelvin Security hacking group. On today’s Industry Voices segment, my conversation with Andre Durand, CEO and Founder of Ping Identity, on digital experiences, brand trust and loyalty, behaviors and attitudes towards security, authentication and fraud. Plus, a cautionary tale about burning bridges.

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CyberWire Guest

On today’s Industry Voices segment, we speak with Andre Durand, the CEO and Founder of Ping Identity. Andre discusses the state of digital experiences. Ping recently commissioned a study to better understand the changing sentiments around digital experiences, brand trust and loyalty, behaviors and attitudes towards security, authentication and fraud, as well as digital wallets and the use of decentralized identity.

Selected Reading

Ukraine’s Mobile Operator Kyivstar Facing ‘Powerful’ Cyberattack (Bloomberg)

Ukraine's top mobile operator hit by biggest cyber attack of war so far (Reuters)

GUR says it has hacked servers of Russian tax service (Interfax-Ukraine)

ALPHV/BlackCat Site Downed After Suspected Police Action (Infosecurity Magazine)

BlackCat ransomware site down amidst rumours of law enforcement action (Computing)

No confirmation on rumored ALPHV/BlackCat site takedown by law enforcement (SC Media)

Cloudflare 2023 Year in Review (Cloudflare)

Bitsight and Google collaborate to reveal global cybersecurity performance (Bitsight)

15 Air National Guardsmen disciplined in Discord server leak (C4ISRNET)

Apple emergency updates fix recent zero-days on older iPhones (Bleeping Computer)

Kelvin Security hacking group leader arrested in Spain (Bleeping Computer)

Cloud engineer gets 2 years for wiping ex-employer’s code repos (Bleeping Computer)

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