The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.18.23
Ep 1969 | 12.18.23

14 million customers and stolen data.

Show Notes

A US mortgage company reveals major data breach. Updates from CISA. NSA provides guidance on SBOMs. MongoDB warns customers of a breach. BlackCat/ALPHV is still a market leader, but feeling competitive pressure. Reassessing the effects of Log4shell. The International Committee of the Red Cross calls for restraint in cyber warfare. Ransomware hits a cancer center. Ann Johnson, host of Microsoft Security’s Afternoon Cyber Tea podcast goes beyond basics with her guest Tanya Janca, founder of WeHackPurple. And what can I do to make you take home this chatbot today?

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CyberWire Guest

Host of Microsoft Security’s Afternoon Cyber Tea podcast, Ann Johnson, goes beyond basics with her guest Tanya Janca, founder of WeHackPurple. Ann’s full discussion with Tanya can be heard here. You can catch Afternoon Cyber Tea every other Tuesday on your favorite podcast apps and the N2K Network. 

Selected Reading

Mr. Cooper reveals breach exposed 14.6 million clients (Cybernews)

Enhancing Cyber Resilience: Insights from the CISA Healthcare and Public Health Sector Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (CISA)

NSA Issues Guidance on Incorporating SBOMs to Improve Cybersecurity (Security Week)

MongoDB says customer data was exposed in a cyberattack (Bleeping Computer)

ALPHV Targeting: Ransomware & Digital Extortion (ZeroFox)

A Log4Shell Retrospective - Overblown and Exaggerated (VulnCheck)

We call on States to stop turning a blind eye to the participation of civilian hackers in armed conflict (ICRC)

Seattle cancer center confirms cyberattack after ransomware gang threats (The Record)

What can I do to make you take home this chatbot today? (Mastodon)

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