The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.19.23
Ep 1970 | 12.19.23

A dark web take down.

Show Notes

The FBI takes down ALPHV/BlackCat. Comcast reveals breach of nearly 36 million Xfinity customers. Microsoft and Cyberspace Solarium Commission release water sector security report. Malware increasingly uses public infrastructure. Iran's Seedworm and its telco targets. QR code scams. Feds release joint analysis of 2022 election integrity. Joint advisory on Play ransomware group. In today’s Mr Security Answer Person, John Pescatore considers the risks of AI. Rick Howard talks with Lauren Brennan of GuidePoint Security about evaluating and maturing your SOC. Iranian gas stations running on empty.

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CyberWire Guests

John Pescastore joins us for Mr. Security Answer Person to address the question, “Things seem to be moving quickly with AI, what is your feeling about that positioning for early 2024?”

Today’s guest is Lauren Brennan of GuidePoint Security. N2K’s Rick Howard caught up with Lauren recently  at the MITRE ATT&CKcon 4.0. They discussed evaluating and maturing your SOC.

Selected Reading

Authorities claim seizure of notorious ALPHV ransomware gang’s dark web leak site (TechCrunch+)

Comcast says hackers stole data of close to 36 million Xfinity customers (TechCrunch+)

Microsoft, Cyberspace Solarium Commission propose measures to strengthen water sector cybersecurity (Industrial Cyber)

Malware leveraging public infrastructure like GitHub on the rise (Reversing Labs)

Seedworm: Iranian Hackers Target Telecoms Orgs in North and East Africa (Symantec)

“Quishing” you a Happy Holiday Season (netcraft)

2022 Election Not Impacted by Chinese, Russian Cyber Activity: DOJ, DHS (Securityweek)

US and Australia Warn of Play Ransomware Threat (Infosecurity Magazine)

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