The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.20.23
Ep 1971 | 12.20.23

Leading the charge in cybercrime take downs.

Show Notes

Interpol leads cybercrime take downs. ALPHV/Blackcat is in a “tug of Tor” with the FBI.  The Senate confirms a new leader for Cyber Command and NSA. Rite Aid is banned from using facial recognition. CISA prepares a new approach to information sharing. Remote encryption of ransomware. CitrixBleed is exploited to access customer data. An update on the Kyivstar cyberattack. The Tallinn Mechanism solidifies Western support for Ukraine's cybersecurity. In today’s Learning Layer segment, host Sam Meisenberg talks with Shelby Ludtke about passing the new ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) exam. And GCHQ introduces youngsters to code breaking.

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CyberWire Guest

In our Learning Layer segment today, host Sam Meisenberg talks with Shelby Ludtke about passing the new ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) exam. For more information on practice tests, please visit N2K’s certification page

Learning Layer links

Practice tests

Selected Reading

Interpol operation arrests 3,500 cybercriminals, seizes $300 million (Bleeping Computer)

AlphV claims to have ‘unseized’ its darkweb domain from the FBI. What’s happening? (The Record)

Senate confirms Biden’s pick for Cyber Command, NSA (The Record)

Rite Aid Banned from Using AI Facial Recognition After FTC Says Retailer Deployed Technology without Reasonable Safeguards (Federal Trade Commission)

Enabling Threat-Informed Cybersecurity: Evolving CISA’s Approach to Cyber Threat Information Sharing (CISA)

CryptoGuard: An asymmetric approach to the ransomware battle (Sophos)

Notice To Customers of Data Security Incident (Businesswire)

Ukraine's Kyivstar says it is fully operational after cyber attack (Reuters)

UK and partners form The Tallinn Mechanism for cyber security (Gov.UK)

GCHQ Christmas challenge: Agency reveals 2023 codebreaker (BBC)

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