The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.4.24
Ep 1976 | 1.4.24

Russian hackers hide in Ukraine telecoms for months.

Show Notes

Sandworm was in Kyivstar's networks for months. Museums face online outages. Emsisoft suggests a ransomware payment ban. An ambulance service suffers a data breach. Mandiant’s social media gets hacked. GXC Team's latest offerings in the C2C underground market. 23andMe blames their breach on password reuse. Lawyers are using outdated encryption.  On today’s Threat Vector segment, David Moulton chats with Garrett Boyd,  senior consultant at Palo Alto Networks Unit 42  about the importance of internal training and mentorship in cybersecurity. And in Russia, holiday cheers turn to political jeers. 

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CyberWire Guest

On today’s Threat Vector segment with David Moulton features Garrett Boyd, a senior consultant at Unit 42 by Palo Alto Networks with a background as a Marine and professor, discusses the importance of internal training and mentorship in cybersecurity. He provides insights into how training prepares professionals for industry challenges and how mentorship fosters professional growth and innovation. Garrett emphasizes the need for a mentorship culture in organizations and the responsibility of both mentors and mentees in this dynamic. The episode highlights the transformative impact of mentorship through personal experiences and concludes with an invitation for listeners to share their stories and a reminder to stay vigilant in the digital world.

Threat Vector

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Selected Reading

Compromised accounts and C2C markets. Cyberespionage and state-directed hacktivism. (CyberWire)

Exclusive: Russian hackers were inside Ukraine telecoms giant for months (Reuters)

Hackers linked to Russian spy agency claim cyberattack on Ukrainian cell network (reuters)

Museum World Hit by Cyberattack on Widely Used Software (The New York Times)

The State of Ransomware in the U.S.: Report and Statistics 2023 (Emsisoft)

Nearly 1 million affected by ambulance service data breach (The Record)

Mandiant’s account on X hacked to push cryptocurrency scam (Bleeping Computer)

Cybercriminals Implemented Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Invoice Fraud (Resecurity)

23andMe tells victims it’s their fault that their data was breached (TechCrunch+)

The Curious Case of MD5 (katelynsills)

Firmware prank causes LED curtain in Russia to display ‘Slava Ukraini’ — police arrest apartment owner (The Record)

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