The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.17.24
Ep 1984 | 1.17.24

Maximum severity vulnerability needs critical updates.

Show Notes

Atlassian issues critical updates. CISA and the FBI warn of AndroxGh0st. A GPU vulnerability hits major manufacturers. A Foxconn subsidiary in Taiwan gets hacked. Australians suffer breached credit cards through credential stuffing. A parade of horrible hackers and scammers. CISO accountability is highlighted at ShmooCon. Cybersecurity VC funding plummets. On the Learning Layer, N2K’s Executive Director of Product Innovation Sam Meisenberg lets us in on an A+ tutoring session. Don’t ask ChatGPT to handle your Amazon product listings. 

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CyberWire Guest

On the Learning Layer with N2K’s Executive Director of Product Innovation Sam Meisenberg lets us in on an A+ tutoring session he held with Jaden Dicks.

Selected Reading

Atlassian’s Confluence Data Center and Server Affected by Critical RCE Vulnerability, CVE-2023-22527: Patch Now (SOCRadar)

FBI, CISA warn of AndroxGh0st botnet for victim identification and exploitation (Security Affairs)

A new vulnerability affecting Apple, AMD, and Qualcomm GPUs could expose AI data (TechSpot)

Taiwan’s Foxconn subsidiary faces cyberattack (Taiwan News)

15,000 Aussies Affected After Binge, The Iconic Hacked (Pedestrian)

Hackers post disturbing videos to online forum used by UC Irvine students (ABC7)

Heartless scammers prey on hundreds of lost pet owners, demanding ransoms or else… (Bitdefender)

As hacks worsen, SEC turns up the heat on CISOs (TechCrunch)

Cybersecurity Startup Funding Hits 5-Year Low, Drops 50% From 2022 (Crunchbase)

Amazon Is Selling Products With AI-Generated Names Like "I Cannot Fulfill This Request It Goes Against OpenAI Use Policy" (Futurism)

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