The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.18.24
Ep 1985 | 1.18.24

A credential dump hits the online underground.

Show Notes

A massive credential dump hits the online underground. CISA and the FBI issue joint guidance on drones. TensorFlow frameworks are prone to misconfigurations. Swiss federal agencies are targets of nuisance DDoS. Cybercriminals hit vulnerable Docker servers. Quarkslab identifies PixieFAIL in UEFI implementations. Google patches Chrome zero-day. The Bigpanzi botnet infects smart TVs. Proofpoint notes the return of TA866. In our Threat Vector segment, David Moulton dives into the evolving world of AI in cybersecurity with Kyle Wilhoit, director of threat research at Unit 42. And we are shocked- SHOCKED! - to learn that Facebook is tracking us. 

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CyberWire Guest

This segment of Threat Vector dives into the evolving world of AI in cybersecurity with Kyle Wilhoit, director of threat research at Unit 42. This thought-provoking discussion, hosted by David Moulton, director of thought leadership at Unit 42, ffocuses on the current state and future trends of AI in cyberthreats. Discover how AI is reshaping the landscape of cyberattacks, the role of generative AI in threat actor tactics, and the challenges of attribution in AI-driven cyberattacks. Visit Unit 42 by Palo Alto Networks to learn more. 

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Selected Reading

Researcher uncovers one of the biggest password dumps in recent history (Ars Technica)

Troy Hunt: Inside the Massive Naz.API Credential Stuffing List (Troy Hunt)

Feds warn China-made drones pose risk to US critical infrastructure (SC Media)

TensorFlow CI/CD Flaw Exposed Supply Chain to Poisoning Attacks (The Hacker News)

Swiss Government Reports Nuisance-Level DDoS Disruptions (Data Breach Today)

Malware Exploits 9Hits, Turns Docker Servers into Traffic Boosted Crypto Miners (HACKREAD)

PixieFail: Nine flaws in UEFI open-source reference implementation (Security Affairs)

Update Chrome! Google patches actively exploited zero-day vulnerability (Malwarebytes)

Cybercrime crew infects 172,000 smart TVs and set-top boxes (Risky Biz News)

Russian threat group COLDRIVER expands its targeting of Western officials to include the use of malware (Google Threat Analysis Group)

Security Brief: TA866 Returns with a Large Email Campaign (Proofpoint)

Each Facebook User Is Monitored by Thousands of Companies (Consumer Reports)

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