The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.24.24
Ep 1989 | 1.24.24

The fight against exploiting Americans.

Show Notes

Biden prepares executive order on foreign access to data. Britain’s NCSC warns of a significant ransomware increase. Cisco Talos confirms ransomware surge. leaks PII and KYC data. Fortra faces scrutiny over slow disclosure. AI fights financial fraud. Intel471 highlights bulletproof hosting. NSO Group lobbies to revamp their image. Tussling in Missouri over election security. Integrating cyber education. Our guests are N2K President Simone Petrella and WiCyS Executive Director Lynn Dohm talking about a new partnership for a comprehensive Cyber Talent Study. And the moral panic of Furbies.

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CyberWire Guest

Today’s guests are N2K President Simone Petrella and WiCyS Executive Director Lynn Dohm talking with Dave Bittner about a new partnership for a comprehensive Cyber Talent Study to deepen the collective understanding of cybersecurity competencies within the industry.

Selected Reading

Biden Seeks to Stop Countries From Exploiting Americans’ Data for Espionage (Bloomberg)

British intelligence warns AI will cause surge in ransomware volume and impact (The Record)

Significant increase in ransomware activity found in Talos IR engagements, while education remains one of the most-targeted sectors (Talos)

Global Retailer Leaks 198GB of Internal and User PII, KYC data (HACKREAD)

Fortra blasted over slow response to critical GoAnywhere file transfer bug (SC Media)

Gen AI Expected to Bring Big Changes to Banking Sector (GovInfo Security)

Why Bulletproof Hosting is Key to Cybercrime-as-a-Service (Infosecurity Magazine)

Notorious Spyware Maker NSO Group Is Quietly Plotting a Comeback (WIRED)

Missouri secretary of state accused of withholding cybersecurity reviews of election authorities (StateScoop)

Cybersecurity education from childhood is a vital tool: 72% of children worldwide have experienced at least one type of cyber threat (Check Point) 

These Are the Notorious NSA Furby Documents Showing Spy Agency Freaking Out About Embedded AI in Children's Toy (404 Media)

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