The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.25.24
Ep 1990 | 1.25.24

Another day, another Blizzard attack.

Show Notes

Cozy Bear breaches Hewlett Packard Enterprise. An investigation reveals global surveillance based on digital advertising. Cisco patches critical vulnerabilities. Meta aims to enhance the online safety of minors. iOS notifications are exploited for tracking. EquiLend’s systems go offline after a cyberattack. A DC theater faced financial crisis after seeing their bank account drained. Critical infrastructure is targeted in Ukraine. The latest insights on ransomware. Guest Lance Hood joins us from TransUnion to share how fraud attacks on financial industry call centers are rising. And Teslas get POwned in Tokyo.

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CyberWire Guest

Guest Lance Hood joins us from TransUnion to share how fraud attacks on financial industry call centers are rising.

Selected Reading

Hewlett Packard Enterprise tells SEC it was breached by Russia’s 'Cozy Bear' hackers (The Record)

Inside a Global Phone Spy Tool Monitoring Billions (404 Media)

Cisco Patches Critical Vulnerability in Enterprise Collaboration Products (SecurityWeek)

Instagram and Facebook will now prevent strangers from messaging minors by default (The Verge)

Research Reveals How iPhone Push Notifications Leak User Data (MacRumors)

Financial tech firm EquiLend says recovery after cyberattack ‘may take several days’ (The Record)

'No gift is too small' | GALA Hispanic Theater asking for donations after hackers drain bank accounts (WUSA9)

Ukrainian energy giant, postal service, transportation agencies hit by cyberattacks (The Record)

The 2024 Ransomware Threat Landscape (Symantec Enterprise Blogs)

Who pays, and why: A researcher examines the ransomware victim’s mindset (The Record)

Tesla Hack Earns Researchers $100,000 at Pwn2Own Automotive - SecurityWeek (SecurityWeek)

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