The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.26.24
Ep 1991 | 1.26.24

A new purchase is cause for a call out.

Show Notes

Senator Wyden calls out the NSA for purchasing American’s internet records. Senators look to add IT and ICS environments to federal employee cyber competitions. The FTC asks big tech about their investments in AI. Turns out the GSA bought a bunch of Chinese security cameras. Akira ransomware claims a breach of Lush cosmetics. ESET reports on the Blackwood cyberespionage group. Wired looks at Predatory Sparrow. The U.S. stands firm on the United Nations Cybercrime Treaty. Our guest is Tony Surak, CMO & Operating Partner from DataTribe, with insights on the state of venture capital in cyber. And a Trickbot gang member will be doing some time.

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CyberWire Guest

Guest Tony Surak from DataTribe joins us to share his take on the state of the VC cyber market.

Selected Reading

Wyden Releases Documents Confirming the NSA Buys Americans’ Internet Browsing Records; Calls on Intelligence Community to Stop Buying U.S. Data Obtained Unlawfully From Data Brokers, Violating Recent FTC Order 

Senate Committee debuts bipartisan bill to add OT, ICS environments to federal employee cyber competition 

FTC officially asks Big Tech about their AI deals | Cybernews 

GSA Sparks Security Fears After Buying Risky Chinese Cameras

Akira ransomware gang says it stole passport scans from Lush • The Register

Elusive Chinese Cyberspy Group Hijacks Software Updates to Deliver Malware - SecurityWeek

How a Group of Israel-Linked Hackers Has Pushed the Limits of Cyberwar | WIRED

On eve of final negotiations, US says consensus growing around ‘narrow’ UN cybercrime treaty

Trickbot malware developer sentenced to 5 years behind bars • The Register

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