The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.29.24
Ep 1992 | 1.29.24

Seeking dismissal of SEC allegations.

Show Notes

Solarwinds seeks dismissal of SEC allegations. Urgent calls to implement fixes for Jenkins open-source software automation tools. A New Jersey township closes schools and offices after a cyberattack. The Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium warns of a critical vulnerability in GitLab. The FBI arrests a notorious swatter. HHS releases cybersecurity performance goals. The feds remind organizations to preserve online messaging. Mercedes-Benz exposes data after an authentication token was left unsecured. A dark web drug dealer pleads guilty. Our guest is Caleb Barlow from Cyberbit, discussing hacker celebrities and why yours truly did not make the list. And threats of airport terrorism on public WiFi is no joking matter.

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CyberWire Guest

Podcast partner Caleb Barlow, CEO of Cyberbit, discusses hacker celebrities and why our own Dave Bittner did not make the list.

Selected Reading

SolarWinds Seeks Dismissal of ‘Unfounded’ SEC Cybersecurity Suit  (Bloomberg Law)

Fix Available for Critical Jenkins Flaw That Leads to RCE Attacks (Security Boulevard)

Freehold Township district: All schools and offices closed Monday due to cybersecurity incident (News12 New Jersey)


Police Arrest Teen Said to Be Linked to Hundreds of Swatting Attacks (WIRED)

HHS debuts voluntary cybersecurity performance goals to enhance healthcare sector resilience (Industrial Cyber)

Don’t Delete Slack or Signal Chats, US Agencies Warn Companies (Bloomberg Law)

How a mistakenly published password exposed Mercedes-Benz source code (TechCrunch)

Dark Web Drugs Vendor Forfeits $150m After Guilty Plea (Infosecurity Magazine)

‘On My Way to Blow Up the Plane’: Teen Faces Huge Fine After Joke Leads to Fighter Jets Scrambling (Gizmodo)

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