The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.6.24
Ep 1998 | 2.6.24

Cracking down on spyware.

Show Notes

The global community confronts spyware. Canon patches critical vulnerabilities in printers. Barracuda recommends mitigations for Web Application Firewall issues. Group-IB warns of ResumeLooters. Millions are at risk after a data breach in France. Research from the UK reveals contradictory approaches to cybersecurity. Meta’s Oversight Board recommends updates to Facebook’s Manipulated Media policy. We’ve got a special segment from the Threat Vector podcast examining Ivanti's Connect Secure and Policy Secure products. And it’s time to brush up on IOT security. 

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CyberWire Guest

In a special segment from Palo Alto Networks’ Threat Vector podcast, host David Moulton, Director of Thought Leadership at Unit 42, along with guests Sam Rubin, VP, Global Head of Operations, and Ingrid Parker, Senior Manager of the Intel Response Unit, dives deep into the critical vulnerabilities found in Ivanti's Connect Secure and Policy Secure products. You can check out the full conversation here

Selected Reading

US to restrict visas for those who misuse commercial spyware (Reuters)

Britain and France assemble diplomats for international agreement on spyware (The Record)

Israeli government absent from London spyware conference and pledge (The Record)

Government hackers targeted iPhones owners with zero-days, Google says (TechCrunch)

Google agrees to pay $350 million settlement in security lapse case (Washington Post)

Canon Patches 7 Critical Vulnerabilities in Small Office Printers  (SecurityWeek)

Barracuda Disclosed Critical Vulnerabilities in WAF, Affecting File Upload and JSON Protection (SOCRadar)

ResumeLooters target job search sites in extensive data heist (Help Net Security)

Millions at risk of fraud after massive health data hack in France (The Connexion)

Fragmented cybersecurity vendor landscape is exacerbating risks and compounding skills shortages, SenseOn research reveals (IT Security Guru)

Meta’s Oversight Board Urges a Policy Change After a Fake Biden Video (InfoSecurity Magazine)

Toothbrushes are a cybersecurity risk, too: millions participate in DDoS attacks (Cybernews)

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