The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.7.24
Ep 1999 | 2.7.24

Taking a bite out of Apple.

Show Notes

A security researcher has been charged in an alleged multi-million dollar theft scheme targeting Apple. A House committee hearing explores OT security. Fortinet withdraws accidental CVEs. 2023 saw record highs in ransomware payments. A youtuber finds a cheap and easy bypass for Bitlocker encryption. Political pressure proves challenging for the JCDC. New Hampshire tracks down those fake Biden robocalls. European security agencies bolster warnings about Ivanti devices. HHS fines a New York medical center millions over an identity theft ring. On our sponsored Industry Voices segment, Navneet Singh, Vice President of Marketing Network Security at Palo Alto Networks, shares some practical examples of healthcare organizations transitioning to the cloud. Giving that toothbrush story the brushoff.

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CyberWire Guest

On our Industry Voices segment, Navneet Singh, Vice President of Marketing Network Security at Palo Alto Networks, discusses the transition to the cloud and shares some practical examples in healthcare.

Selected Reading

A Security Researcher Allegedly Scammed Apple (404 Media)

US House Homeland Security subcommittee addresses OT threats, CISA's role in securing OT - Industrial Cyber (Industrial Cyber)

Operational Technology disruptions: An eye on the water sector. Robert M. Lee’s opening statement to before the U.S. Congressional Subcommittee on Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection. (Control Loop podcast)

Securing Operational Technology: A Deep Dive into the Water Sector (Homeland Security Events YouTube)

Fortinet Patches Critical Vulnerabilities in FortiSIEM (SecurityWeek)

Fortinet snafu: Critical FortiSIEM CVEs are duplicates, issued in error (Bleeping Computer)

Ransomware hackers raked in $1 billion last year from victims (NBC News)

BitLocker encryption broken in 43 seconds with sub-$10 Raspberry Pi Pico — key can be sniffed when using an external TPM (Tom’s Hardware)

The far right is scaring away Washington's private hacker army (POLITICO)

N.H. attorney general says he found source of fake Biden robocalls (NBC News)

European security agencies publish joint statement on Ivanti Connect Secure, Policy Secure vulnerabilities (Industrial Cyber)

Medical Center Fined $4.75M in Insider ID Theft Incident (GovInfoSecurity)

Surprising 3 Million Hacked Toothbrushes Story Goes Viral—Is It True? (Forbes)

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