The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.23.24
Ep 2010 | 2.23.24

Crackdown on privacy leads to a multi-million dollar fine.

Show Notes

The FTC fines Avast over privacy violations. ConnectWise's ScreenConnect is under active exploitation. AT&T restores services nationwide. An Australian telecom provider suffers a data breach. EU Member States publish a cybersecurity and resilience report. Microsoft unleashes a PyRIT. A new infostealer targets the oil and gas sector. A cyberattack cripples a major US healthcare provider. Our guest is Kevin Magee from Microsoft Canada with insights on why cybersecurity startups in Ireland are having so much success building new companies there. And a USB device is buzzing with malware.

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CyberWire Guest

Guest Kevin Magee from Microsoft Canada talks about recently meeting 15 cybersecurity startups in Ireland and finding out why they are having so much success building new companies there. 

Selected Reading

FTC Order Will Ban Avast from Selling Browsing Data for Advertising Purposes, Require It to Pay $16.5 Million Over Charges the Firm Sold Browsing Data After Claiming Its Products Would Block Online Tracking (FTC)

Cybercriminal groups actively exploiting ‘catastrophic’ ScreenConnect bug (The Record)

AT&T services resume, company blames "incorrect process" (Data Center Dynamics)

230k Individuals Impacted by Data Breach at Australian Telco Tangerine (SecurityWeek)

EU releases comprehensive risk assessment report on cybersecurity, resilience of communication networks (Industrial Cyber)

Microsoft Releases Red Teaming Tool for Generative AI (SecurityWeek)

New Infostealer Malware Attacking Oil and Gas Industry (GB Hackers on Security)

UnitedHealth says Change Healthcare hacked by nation state, as US pharmacy outages drag on (TechCrunch)

Vibrator virus steals your personal information (Malwarebytes)

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