The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.6.24
Ep 2018 | 3.6.24

No cyber blues on Super Tuesday.

Show Notes

CISA says Super Tuesday ran smoothly. The White House sanctions spyware vendors. The DoD launches its Cyber Operational Readiness Assessment program. NIST unveils an updated NICE Framework. Apple patches a pair of zero-days. The GhostSec and Stormous ransomware gangs join forces. Cado Security tracks a new Golang-based malware campaign. Google updates its search algorithms to fight spammy content. Canada's financial intelligence agency suffers a cyber incident. On our Industry Voices segment, our guest Amitai Cohen, Attack Vector Intel Lead at Wiz joins us to discuss cloud threats. Moonlighting on the dark side. 

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CyberWire Guest

On our Industry Voices segment, our guest Amitai Cohen, Attack Vector Intel Lead at Wiz and host of their Crying Out Cloud podcast, joins us to discuss cloud threats. Learn more in Wiz's State of the AI Cloud report

Selected Reading

No security issues as Super Tuesday draws to a close, CISA official says (The Record)

Biden administration sanctions makers of commercial spyware used to surveil US (CNN Business)

US DoD launches CORA program to revolutionize cybersecurity strategy (Industrial Cyber)

Unveiling NICE Framework Components v1.0.0: Explore the Latest Updates Today! (NIST)

Update your iPhones and iPads now: Apple patches security vulnerabilities in iOS and iPadOS (Malwarebytes)

Watch out, GhostSec and Stourmous groups jointly conducting ransomware attacks (Security Affairs)

Hackers target Docker, Hadoop, Redis, Confluence with new Golang malware (Bleeping Computer)

Google is starting to squash more spam and AI in search results (The Verge)

Cyberattack forces Canada’s financial intelligence agency to take systems offline (The Record)

Cyber Pros Turn to Cybercrime as Salaries Stagnate (Infosecurity Magazine)

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