The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.11.24
Ep 2021 | 3.11.24

CISA’s news trifecta.

Show Notes

A roundup of news out of CISA. California reveals data brokers selling the sensitive information of minors. Permiso Security shares an open-source cloud intrusion detection tool. Darktrace highlights a campaign exploiting DropBox.  EU's Cyber Solidarity Act forges ahead. A White House committee urges new economic incentives for securing OT systems. Paysign investigates claims of a data breach.  Our guest is Alex Cox, Director Threat Intelligence, Mitigation, and Escalation at LastPass, to discuss what to expect after LockBit. And Axios highlights the clowns and fools behind ransomware attacks.

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CyberWire Guest

Guest Alex Cox, Director, Threat Intelligence, Mitigation, Escalation (TIME) at LastPass, joins us to discuss what to expect after LockBit.

Selected Reading

Top US cybersecurity agency hacked and forced to take some systems offline (CNN Politics)

CISA’s open source software security initiatives detailed (SC Media)

GAO uncovers mixed feedback on CISA's OT cybersecurity services when it comes to addressing risks (Industrial Cyber)

Dozens of data brokers disclose selling reproductive healthcare info, precise geolocation and data belonging to minors (The Record)

New Open Source Tool Hunts for APT Activity in the Cloud (SecurityWeek)

Dropbox Abused in New Phishing, Malspam Scam to Steal SaaS Logins (HACKREAD)

Everything you need to know about the EU's Cyber Solidarity Act (ITPro)

White House advisory group says market forces ‘insufficient’ to drive cybersecurity in critical infrastructure (CyberScoop)

Paysign investigating reports of consumer information data breach (The Record)

The clowns and fools behind ransomware attacks (Axios) 

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