The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.12.16
Ep 203 | 10.12.16

Australia confirms foreign intelligence service hacked Bureau of Meteorology. TV5Monde and its false-flag hack. Trojan hitting SWIFT. Patch Tuesday notes. US-Russian cyber showdown.

Show Notes

In today's podcast we take a quick look back at Patch Tuesday. Amazon gets solid reviews for a password reset campaign. A new Trojan is caught manipulating SWIFT fund transfer logs. IoT botnets worry ecommerce sites, and the EU's proposed stickers seem unlikely to allay those concerns. Australia confirms a foreign intelligence service hacked its Bureau of Meteorology, but it won't say which foreign service that was. TV5Monde offers details on its experience with a false-flag hack. Jonathan Katz from the University of Maryland describes obfuscation techniques he saw at a recent crypto conference. Quortum's Joey Alonzo provides tips on mobile device security. And, says the US to Russia, ready or not, here we come. (Maybe.)