The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.26.24
Ep 2032 | 3.26.24

The great firewall breached: China's covert cyber assault on America exposed.

Show Notes

An alleged sinister hacking plot by China. CISA and the FBI issued a 'secure-by-design' alert. Ransomware hits municipalities in Florida and Texas. The EU sets regulations to safeguard the upcoming European Parliament elections. ReversingLabs describe a suspicious NuGet package. Senator Bill Cassidy questions a costly breach at HHS. A data center landlord sues over requests to reveal its customers. On our Industry Voices segment, Jason Kikta, CISO & Senior Vice President of Product at Automox, discusses ways to increase IT efficiency while avoiding tool overload & complexity. And Google's AI Throws Users a Malicious Bone.

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CyberWire Guest

On our Industry Voices segment, Jason Kikta, CISO & Senior Vice President of Product at Automox, discusses ways to increase IT efficiency including automation & tool streamlining, IT automation/automated patching, and tool overload & complexity. You can learn more in Automox’s 2024 State of IT Operations Research Report.

Selected Reading

Millions of Americans caught up in Chinese hacking plot (BBC)

US Government Urges Software Makers to Eliminate SQL Injection Vulnerabilities (SecurityWeek)

CISA adds FortiClient EMS, Ivanti EPM CSA, Nice Linear eMerge E3-Series bugs to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities catalog (Security Affairs)

St. Cloud most recent in string of Florida cities hit with ransomware (The Record)

Hackers demand $700K in ransomware attack on Tarrant Appraisal District (MSN)

The impact of compromised backups on ransomware outcomes (Sophos News)

EU sets rules for Big Tech to tackle interference in European Parliament elections (The Record)

Suspicious NuGet package grabs data from industrial systems (ReversingLabs)

Senator demands answers from HHS about $7.5 million cyber theft in 2023 (The Record)

Data center landlord refuses Fairfax County demand for tenant information (Washington Business Journal)

Google's AI-powered search feature recommends malicious sites, including scams and malware (TechSpot)

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