The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.4.24
Ep 2039 | 4.4.24

Securing secrets: The State Department's cyber hunt.

Show Notes

The State Department investigates an alleged breach. The FCC looks at regulating connected vehicles. A big-tech consortium hopes to mitigate AI-related job losses. Google aims to thwart cookie-thieves. SurveyLama exposes sensitive info of over four millions users. Omni Hotels & Resorts is recovering from a cyberattack. A national cancer treatment center suffers a breach. How cyber is approached on both sides of the pond. In our Industry Voices segment , George Jones, CISO at Critical Start, discusses strategies for maximizing cybersecurity investments to achieve optimal risk reduction. Playing the identity theft long-game. 

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CyberWire Guest

On Industry Voices, guest George Jones, CISO at Critical Start, joins us to share thoughts on the topic "Spend Smarter, Risk Less: Cybersecurity ROI Strategies for Security Leaders." George discusses strategies for maximizing cybersecurity investments to achieve optimal risk reduction. 

Selected Reading

Threat Actor Claims Classified Five Eyes Data Theft (Infosecurity Magazine)

Automakers and FCC square off over potential regulations for connected cars (The Record)

Big tech companies form new consortium to allay fears of AI job takeovers (TechCrunch)

Amazon is cutting hundreds of jobs in its cloud computing unit AWS (NPR)

Google Proposes Method for Stopping Multifactor Runaround (GovInfo Security)

Google fixes two Pixel zero-day flaws exploited by forensics firms (Bleeping Computer)

SurveyLama data breach exposes info of 4.4 million users (Bleeping Computer)

Omni Hotels confirms cyberattack behind ongoing IT outage (Bleeping Computer)

The US or the UK: Where Should You Get a Cybersecurity Job? (GovInfo Security)

US Cancer Center Data Breach Impacting 800,000 (SecurityWeek)

Iowa sysadmin pleads guilty to 33-year identity theft of former coworker (The Register) 

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