The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.5.24
Ep 2040 | 4.5.24

Deciphering the Acuity cybersecurity incident.

Show Notes

Acuity downplays its recent breach. IcedID gives way to a new malware strain. Russia arrests alleged credit card thieves. Wiz uncovers security flaws in Hugging Face AI models. NERC and the E-ISAC review lessons learned from simulated attacks on the electrical grid. UK police track honey traps targeting MPs. Microsoft says China is actively trying to influence US elections. A major global lens maker suffers a cyber attack.  Guest Dick O'Brien from the Symantec Threat Hunter Team shares how ransomware operators adapt to disruption. And SEO under threat of legal action. 

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CyberWire Guest

Guest Dick O'Brien from Symantec Threat Hunter Team by Broadcom shares how ransomware operators adapt to disruption. Get more details in the blog: Ransomware: Attacks Continue to Rise as Operators Adapt to Disruption.

Selected Reading

Acuity Responds to US Government Data Theft Claims, Says Hackers Obtained Old Info (SecurityWeek)

New Latrodectus malware replaces IcedID in network breaches (bleepingcomputer)

Magecart-style hackers charged by Russia in theft of 160,000 credit cards (The Record)

Wiz Discovers Flaws in GenAI Models Enabling Customer Data Theft (Infosecurity Magazine)

Lessons learned from electrical grid security exercise (nerc)

British police investigating ‘honey trap’ WhatsApp messages sent to MPs (The Record)

China is trying to influence US elections with AI, Microsoft claims (siliconrepublic)

Lens Maker Hoya Scrambling to Restore Systems Following Cyberattack (SecurityWeek)

A ‘Law Firm’ of AI Generated Lawyers Is Sending Fake Threats as an SEO Scam (404 Media)

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