The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.18.24
Ep 2049 | 4.18.24

From phishing to felony.

Show Notes

A major Phishing-as-a-service operation gets taken down by international law enforcement. US election officials are warned of nation-state influence operations. The house votes to limit the feds’ purchase of citizens personal data. A Michigan healthcare provider suffered a ransomware attack. Critical infrastructure providers struggle to trust cybersecurity tools. Cloudflare reports on DDoS. Kaspersky uncovers new Android banking malware. Kubernetes cryptominers leverage previously patched flaws. The Massachusetts Attorney General emphasizes the responsible use of AI. Our guest Caleb Barlow, CEO of Cyberbit, joins us to talk about badge swipe fraud as more are returning to the office. Colorado passes a law to keep big tech out of our heads. 

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CyberWire Guest

Guest and podcast partner Caleb Barlow, CEO of Cyberbit, joins us to talk about badge swipe fraud as more are returning to the office. Are your employees faking their badge swipes?

Selected Reading

LabHost phishing service with 40,000 domains disrupted, 37 arrested (Bleeping Computer)

US Election Officials Told to Prepare for Nation-State Influence Campa (Infosecurity Magazine)

House votes in favor of curtailing government transactions with data brokers (The Record)

180k Impacted by Data Breach at Michigan Healthcare Organization (SecurityWeek)

Trust in Cyber Takes a Knock as CNI Budgets Flatline (Infosecurity Magazine)

DDoS threat report for 2024 Q1 (Cloudflare) 

SoumniBot malware exploits Android bugs to evade detection (Bleeping Computer)

Hackers hijack OpenMetadata apps in Kubernetes cryptomining attacks (Bleeping Computer)

Massachusetts official warns AI systems subject to consumer protection, anti-bias laws (AP News)

Your Brain Waves Are Up for Sale. A New Law Wants to Change That (NY Times)

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