The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.14.16
Ep 205 | 10.14.16

Political hacks: email, Twitter, and iCloud. Calls mount for tough US response to Russian cyber operations. Two Android vulnerabilities and one threat revealed. Verizon calls Yahoo! breach "material."

Show Notes

In today's podcast we follow the continuing story of election hacks, and the varying but convergent motives behind them. We get a side helping of good government advice from Mr. Putin. (Thanks, Vlad!) Al Qaeda tries to reach the Millennial jihadist market with ISIS-like information operations. The Internet-of-Things enhances its reputation as an Internet-of-Trouble. Cyber stocks see turbulence as downbeat guidance spooks speculators. Pork Explosion isn't a movie from the Seventies—it's an Android backdoor. The Johns Hopkins University's Joe Carrigan responds to a listener inquiry about Amazon's recent password resets. DDoS expert Dave Larson from Corero Network Security shares his perspective on recent attacks. And please don't use a misspelled app to take selfies.