The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.1.24
Ep 2058 | 5.1.24

Retirement plan breach shakes financial giant.

Show Notes

A breach at J.P. Morgan Chase exposes data of over 451,000 individuals. President Biden Signs a National Security Memorandum to Strengthen and Secure U.S. Critical Infrastructure. Verizon’s DBIR is out. Cornell researchers unveil a worm called Morris II. A prominent newspaper group sues OpenAI. Marriott admits to using inadequate encryption. A Finnish man gets six years in prison for hacking a psychotherapy center. Qantas customers had unauthorized access to strangers’ travel data. The Feds look to shift hiring requirements toward skills. In our Industry Voices segment, Steve Riley, Vice President and Field CTO at Netskope, discusses generative AI and governance. Major automakers take a wrong turn on privacy. 

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CyberWire Guest

Today on Industry Voices, Steve Riley, Vice President and Field CTO at Netskope, discusses generative AI and governance. For more of Steve’s insights into gen AI, check out his article in Forbes

Selected Reading

Breach at J.P. Morgan Exposes Data of 451,000 Plan Participants (PLANADVISER)

White House releases National Security Memorandum on critical infrastructure security and resilience (Industrial Cyber)

DBIR Report 2024 - Summary of Findings (Verizon)

Experimental Morris II worm can exploit popular AI services to steal data and spread malware (Computing)

Major U.S. newspapers sue OpenAI, Microsoft for copyright infringement (Axios)

Marriott admits it falsely claimed for five years it was using encryption during 2018 breach (CSO Online)

Finnish hacker imprisoned for accessing thousands of psychotherapy records and demanding ransoms (AP News)

Qantas Airways Says App Showed Customers Each Other's Data (GovInfo Security)

Agencies to turn toward ‘skill-based hiring’ for cyber and tech jobs, ONCD says (CyberScoop)

Carmakers lying about requiring warrants before sharing location data, Senate probe finds (The Record)

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