The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.2.24
Ep 2059 | 5.2.24

Dropbox sign breach exposes secrets.

Show Notes

Dropbox’s secure signature service suffers a breach. CISA is set to announce a voluntary pledge toward enhanced security. Five Eyes partners issue security recommendations for critical infrastructure. Microsoft acknowledges VPN issues after recent security updates. LockBit releases data from a hospital in France. One of REvil’s leaders gets 14 years in prison. An Phishing-as-a-Service provider gets taken down by international law enforcement. China limits Teslas over security concerns. In our Threat Vector segment, David Moulton from Unit 42 explores Adversarial AI and Deepfakes with two expert guests, Billy Hewlett, and Tony Huynh. NightDragon founder and CEO Dave Dewalt joins us with a preview of next week’s NightDragon Innovation Summit 2024 at RSAC. And celebrating the 60th  anniversary of the BASIC programming language.

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CyberWire Guest

In our Threat Vector segment, David Moulton, Director of Thought Leadership at Unit 42, explores Adversarial AI and Deepfakes as part of the ongoing series “AI’s Impact in Cybersecurity'' with two expert guests, Billy Hewlett, Senior Director of AI Research at Palo Alto Networks, and Tony Huynh, a Security Engineer specializing in AI and deepfakes. They unpack the escalating risks posed by adversarial AI in cybersecurity. You can catch Threat Vector every other Thursday on the N2K CyberWire network and where you get all of your favorite podcasts. Listen to David’s full discussion with Billy and Tony here.

Plus, NightDragon Founder and CEO Dave Dewalt joins us with a preview of next week’s NightDragon Innovation Summit 2024 at RSAC including a look into his “State of the Cyber Union” keynote.

Selected Reading

Security Breach Exposes Dropbox Sign Users (Infosecurity Magazine)

The US Government Is Asking Big Tech to Promise Better Cybersecurity (WIRED)

CISA adds GitLab flaw to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities catalog (Security Affairs)

Russian Hackers Target Industrial Systems in North America, Europe (SecurityWeek)

Microsoft says April Windows updates break VPN connections (Bleeping Computer)

LockBit publishes confidential data stolen from Cannes hospital in France (The Record)

Ukrainian sentenced to almost 14 years for infecting thousands with REvil ransomware (The Record)

LabHost Crackdown: 37 Arrested In Global Cybercrime Bust (Security Boulevard)

Tesla cars to be banned from Chinese government buildings amid security fears — report (Drive)

The BASIC programming language turns 60 (Ars Technica)

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