The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.17.16
Ep 206 | 10.17.16

Pakistan phishes Indian Army. US election hacks continue as the US investigates and mulls its response. New ransomware strains. More IoT botnet infestations. ISIS struggles to explain loss of Dabiq.

Show Notes

In today's podcast we hear about Pakistani phishing in the Indian Army's pond. ISIS loses prophetically important town of Dabiq, and must adjust its messaging accordingly. WikiLeaks continues to poke at the Clinton campaign. Fancy Bear is again in the spotlight as the US preps a response to Russian election hacking. IoT malware—Mirai and LuaBot—affects networking gear. Dyre's masters are back and working on a new banking Trojan. Robert Lee from Dragos Security offers his opinion on recently nuclear power plant breach revelations. Malek Ben Salem from Accenture Technology Labs explains new research on semantic technology for security analytucs. And what, exactly, does EvilTwin think he, she, or they might be up to?