The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.3.24
Ep 2060 | 5.3.24

Ransomware attack turns legal attack.

Show Notes

A Texas operator of rehab facilities faces multiple lawsuits after a ransomware attack. Microsoft warns Android developers to steer clear of the Dirty Stream. The Feds warn of North Korean social engineering. A flaw in the R programming language has been patched. Zloader borrows stealthiness from ZeuS. The GAO highlights gaps in NASA’s cybersecurity measures. Indonesia is a spyware hot-spot. Germany summons a top Russian envoy to address cyber-attacks linked to Russian military intelligence. An Israeli PI is arrested in London following allegations of a cyberespionage campaign. In our Industry Voices segment, Allison Ritter, Senior Product Manager from Cyberbit shares her career journey, off the bench and onto the court. A cybersecurity consultant allegedly attempts to extort a one-point-five million dollar exit package. 

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CyberWire Guest

On our Industry Voices segment, Allison Ritter, Senior Product Manager from Cyberbit, shares her cybersecurity journey: “Off the bench and onto the court.”

Selected Reading

Rehab Hospital Chain Hack Affects 101,000; Facing 6 Lawsuits (GovInfo Security)

Microsoft Warns of 'Dirty Stream' Vulnerability in Popular Android Apps (SecurityWeek)

U.S. Govt Warns of Massive Social Engineering Attack from North Korean Hackers (GB Hackers)

R-bitrary Code Execution: Vulnerability in R's Deserialization (HiddenLayer)

ZLoader Malware adds Zeus's anti-analysis feature (Security Affairs)

GAO report indicates that NASA should update spacecraft acquisition policies and standards for cybersecurity (Industrial Cyber) 

Indonesia is a Spyware Haven, Amnesty International Finds (InfoSecurity Magazine)

Germany summons Russian envoy over 2023 cyber-attacks (The Guardian)

Israeli private eye arrested in London over alleged hacking for US firm (Reuters)

Cybersecurity consultant arrested after allegedly extorting IT firm (Bleeping Computer) 

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