The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.13.24
Ep 2066 | 5.13.24

A battle for digital sovereignty.

Show Notes

IntelBroker claims to have breached a Europol online platform. The U.S. and China are set to discuss AI security. U.S. agencies warn against BlackBasta ransomware operators. A claimed Russian group attacks British local newspapers. Cinterion cellular modems are vulnerable to malicious SMS attacks. A UK IT contractor allegedly failed to report a major data breach for months. Generative AI is a double edged sword for CISOs. Reality Defender wins the RSA Conference's Innovation Sandbox competition. Our guest is Chris Betz, CISO of AWS, discussing how to build a strong culture of security. Solar storms delay the planting of corn. 

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CyberWire Guest

Guest Chris Betz, CISO of AWS, discussing how to build a strong culture of security. In his blog, Chris writes about how AWS’s security culture starts at the top, and it extends through every part of the organization. 

Selected Reading

Europol confirms web portal breach, says no operational data stolen (Bleeping Computer)

US and China to Hold Discussions on AI Risks and Security (BankInfo Security)

CISA, FBI, HHS, MS-ISAC warn critical infrastructure sector of Black Basta hacker group; provide mitigations (Industrial Cyber)

'Russian' hackers deface potentially hundreds of local British news sites (The Record)

Cinterion IoT Cellular Modules Vulnerable to SMS Compromise (GovInfo Security)

MoD hack: IT contractor concealed major hack for months (Computing)

AI's rapid growth puts pressure on CISOs to adapt to new security risks (Help Net Security)

Reality Defender Wins RSAC Innovation Sandbox Competition (Dark Reading)

Solar Storms are disrupting farmer GPS systems during critical planting time (The Verge) 

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