The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.15.24
Ep 2068 | 5.15.24

A bipartisan blueprint for American leadership.

Show Notes

U.S. Senators look to enhance American leadership in AI. Federal Agencies Warn of Rising Cyberattacks on Civil Society. The Pentagon says they’re satisfied with Microsoft’s post-breach security pivots. Patch Tuesday updates. A Mississippi health system alerts users of a post-ransomware data breach. The FTC cautions automakers over data collection. CISOs feel pressure to understate cyber risks. On the Learning Layer, Sam and Joe continue their certification journey. Guest Sarah Powazek of UC Berkeley's Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity (CLTC) speaks with N2K’s Brandon Karpf about cyber civil defense clinics. A crypto mixing service developer finds himself behind bars.

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CyberWire Guest

Guest Sarah Powazek of UC Berkeley's Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity (CLTC) speaks with N2K’s Brandon Karpf at 2024 RSA Conference about cyber civil defense clinics and the CLTC. Learn about their upcoming Cyber Civil Defense Summit being held at the International Spy Museum in Washington DC next month. 

Learning Layer

On our Learning Layer segment, host Sam Meisenberg and Joe Carrigan continue their discussion of Joe's ISC2 CISSP certification journey using N2K’s comprehensive CISSP training course, CISSP practice test, and CISSP practice labs. Sam and Joe discuss how to use the midterm exam and Test Day Strategy video. 

Selected Reading

Senators Propose $32 Billion in Annual A.I. Spending but Defer Regulation (The New York Times)

Civil society under increasing threats from 'malicious' state cyber actors, US warns (The Record)

Post-data breach, DOD held 'very candid discussions' with Microsoft (DefenseScoop)

Microsoft issues patches for over 60 software vulnerabilities (Tech Monitor)

Adobe releases May 2024 fixes for critical issues in Reader, Acrobat, Illustrator and other products (

CISA issues ICS advisories on hardware vulnerabilities from Rockwell, SUBNET, Johnson Controls, Mitsubishi Electric (Industrial Cyber)

900k Impacted by Data Breach at Mississippi Healthcare Provider (SecurityWeek)

FTC fires 'shot across the bow' at automakers over connected-car data privacy (The Record)

Security leaders report pressure from boards to downplay cyber risks (​​ITPro)

Tornado Cash Developer Jailed for Laundering Billions of Dollars (GB Hackers)

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