The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.24.24
Ep 2094 | 6.24.24

The claim heard ‘round the world.

Show Notes

LockBit claims to have hit the Federal Reserve. CDK Global negotiates with BlackSuit to unlock car dealerships across the U.S. Treasury proposes a rule to restrict tech investments in China. An LA school district confirms a Snowflake related data breach. Rafel RAT hits outdated Android devices. The UK’s largest plutonium stockpiler pleads guilty to criminal charges of inadequate cybersecurity. Clearview AI settles privacy violations in a deal that could exceed fifty million dollars. North Korean hackers target aerospace and defense firms. Rick Howard previews CSOP Live. Our guest is Christie Terrill, CISO at Bishop Fox, discussing how organizations can best leverage offensive security tactics. Bug hunting gets a little too real.

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CyberWire Guest

Guest Christie Terrill, CISO at Bishop Fox, joins to discuss how organizations can leverage offensive security tactics not just as strategies to prevent cyber incidents, but as a critical component of a cyberattack recovery process. 

Rick Howard sits down with Dave to share a preview of what’s to come at our upcoming CSOP Live event this Thursday, going beyond the headlines with our panel of Hash Table experts for an insightful discussion on emerging industry trends, recent threats and events, and the evolving role of executives in our field.

Selected Reading

LockBit claims the hack of the US Federal Reserve (securityaffairs)

Why are threat actors faking data breaches? (Help Net Security)

CDK Global outage caused by BlackSuit ransomware attack (bleepingcomputer)

US proposes rules to stop Americans from investing in Chinese technology with military uses (AP News)

Los Angeles Unified confirms student data stolen in Snowflake account hack (bleepingcomputer)

Ratel RAT targets outdated Android phones in ransomware attacks (bleepingcomputer)

Sellafield Pleads Guilty to Historic Cybersecurity Offenses (Infosecurity Magazine)

Sellafield nuclear waste site pleads guilty to IT security breaches (Financial Times)

Facial Recognition Startup Clearview AI Settles Privacy Suit (SecurityWeek)

New North Korean Hackers Attack Aerospace and Defense Companies (cybersecuritynews)

Spatial Computing Hack (Ryan Pickren)

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