The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.28.16
Ep 215 | 10.28.16

Not all experts agree you should resign yourself to being hacked. The state of fraud, 2016. Ransomware and DDoS updates. The Kremlin gets doxed.

Show Notes

On today's podcast, we hear that ransomware is still with us. A new study of online fraud is out, and one lesson is, it's better to take some, any, precaution than to whistle and hope for the best. The Australian Red Cross suffers a data breach affecting more than a million blood donors' records. Windows seems to suffer from an exploitable vulnerability—how serious it may prove remains to be seen. Mirai botnets continue to sputter across the IoT. Signs point to a public-health approach to mitigating DDoS. Ben Yelin reports on a Maryland surveillance hearing. Duo Security's Dug Song thinks it's time to get back to basics. Not everyone believes you need to resign yourself to being hacked. And those doxed Kremlin emails? Apparently real.